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It’s fanciful to think that the Trump document debacle is just an American domestic affair, it’s certainly not! The world is holding its collective breath in watching the US very closely and as human nature would have it, very much judging. 

This unedifying discourse appears to be due to your previous commander in chiefs toxic masculinity and the potential that his actions still have to imperilled the world, no less, with his egocentric penchants. This is fast becoming an existential tussle between the parochial personal freedoms of Donald Trump verses the broader freedoms of the American people.

Simply put, the fact that the US deals with its top secret documents in such a seemingly incompetent and insecure manner opens potentially destructive doors for all its allies and beyond. It wouldn’t surprise me if this display of poor document management hasn’t already shut a few previously collaborative doors with your allies. This weakens the American people en-masse and the broader alliance of freedom loving nations.

Also MAGA as a rallying call to the unconverted is not thriving. All indications are that it’s brand success to date, looking from over the pond, doesn’t appear good I’m afraid guys. I’d suggest your many enemies are ecstatically jumping with joy at this unfurling drama that showcases a less than great rendition of American governance. As in many countries of the world (including here in the uk) the fear mongers are busy stoking the furnaces of hate and prejudice by contorting the high virtue of personal freedom. Freedom is a nuanced term and is not an absolute, given there is freedom from and freedom to. We should all champion the freedoms so thoughtfully mandated in the American constitution, but there needs to be balance. Bare in mind that one persons freedom has the potential to imprison another. Keep to the middle ground of greater societal good and there you will find the greatest abundance of liberty, collective empowerment and personal freedom.

Politics is a bipolar display of in-group loyalty in the extreme. The public in any two party system is most often compelled, by the angst of debating convention. This expresses as a confirmation biased defensive posture which is drawn along tonal lines presenting one’s thoughts entirely from either Republican or Democrat policy playbooks. In essence if you are not my friend then by extension you must be my foe. Herein is the essence of the political systemic problem as by disagreeing with one party the chattering class immediately places you into the orbit of the other party. This in turn compels a person to think in terms of justifying the bad behaviours of the other party which should not need to be the case. By example, I recently read a book by Rand Paul who is an ardent free market proponent which in its unfettered guise I don’t always subscribe to. However, he made very sound arguments against the current workings of Congress and for its reunification with the principles of democratic government. It follows then that any system of government should allow for real differentiated choice in practical terms and allow the citizens of any state to opt for ideas rather than to be consumed whole in a frenzy of political tribalism.

As the blog title suggests this classified (or not) document tug of war will provide a strong indication, at its messy conclusion, as to who will run America, We the People or unelected autocrats. The choice is yours on your journey of, what appears to be at present, the road to unfreedom.

I must say that it’s in the worlds interest that America succeeds here and that will only come to fruition if you put your political affairs in order. This in itself is no mean feat given the winding path to authoritarian rule already traveled. The free world is wishing you well in your struggle with your own internal government democratic deficit given your recent flirtations with authoritarian rule and move towards the politics of eternity.