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My goodness you guys in your libertarian stupor are behaving en-masse at your political core really badly and appear to be completely oblivious to the utter destruction that you are piling on yourselves. It’s so painful to watch you pull yourself asunder in the false belief that exaggerated violent partisanship is the answer. Violence only begets violence and sooner or later your own eye collectively will be plucked out as well!

The United States was born out of struggle but then what country wasn’t and so life doesn’t have to be defined by struggle! Struggle is not and should not be the norm. Life should be about all people being equal members of a society that helps when its individuals are down and not about gaining one-upmanship on those that are invariably less fortunate than ourselves. It’s about helping your neighbour or community and not competing with them socially. If only you could express more forcefully those positive innate human traits that you naturally extend to family, to your wider society in government policy, then you would as a country be truly great and worth emulating. 

I get that the US has a form of governance that is in crisis in that the person on the street finds it hard to have any useful faith in or believe in the integrity of state machinery. Simply put you don’t appear to look after your citizens and guess what one day that will come back and bite you on the backside. As it stands that is happening now in ever faster motion and unless the US starts to believe and truly care for its people this is only going one way and that is down the proverbial drain. 

Inequality, in all its guises is bad not only for those at the bottom of the pile but ultimately also for those at the top. Level up a bit and don’t lionise those that have extracted wealth to excess out of your own society. See those that add real value to society as more deserving of reward. Change your heroes from the stuff of Hollywood and corporate CEOs to the nurse, social worker, educator or care giver for example. Dumb down on your worship of toxic masculinity and embrace a little bit more of the feminine. 

You appear to be polarised, black, white, democrat, republican but these are only labels and individually should not be a banner to flock to. You are all first and foremost human beings and as such should aim to treat all in society as equals with compassion and dignity. Doesn’t you constitution say that!

In situations where trust wanes in government the forces of evil enter through the cracks in society and promote mistrust and fear. It’s not hard to see that happening from over the pond, so step back and take a long hard look at how the puppeteers or purveyors of hate are pulling the strings. They are leading you into unfreedom and servitude of mind by nurturing fear and distrust.

You had a election, there was a winner and a looser, get over it and move on, don’t live in the past but rather look to the future. At this rate you will get what you wish for very soon but it won’t be what you think, which I’m assuming is liberty. There are some unintended consequences of your political myopia and that is dystopia. You are on course for  authoritarianism which by definition is the antithesis of what you are supposed to stand for and hold so dear. Unless you kick back now on those imposers of mistrust and fear you will end up being impaled with worse to come.

Remember that another persons freedom is also your freedom.

Hold you leaders to a higher civic standard in that society is about the majority and not about the few. 

You can make Americans (note the S) great and only then will the world see America as great.