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We experience just the moment as this is the universal revelation and the natural capacity of our brain. What if we could experience two moments, or ten or one million moments all in one cerebral context? Time which moves from one moment to another would become, with moment coalescence, potentially all knowable? The frame of reality would eventually become so large, as a function of moment coalescence that time would not exist as our minds currently mandate it.

As for the past, that’s known from our direct experience and we believe that we know and understand it. The Me that is time aware and that personalizes time is subject to a biological complete regeneration every seven years or so. The Me that rode that first bike was not the Me of this moment, at this offset from the very moment of riding that bike. Those memory impressed moments are remembered because of the slow rate of cellular reproduction. There are always enough cells around within each of us to hold an account of what is to be Me, be that expressed as past experiences, prejudices, loves, hates or fears.

In the final analysis the future is a measure of an experience we have yet to hold in our mind. We can see the conventional past because of the biological imprint that it leaves. We see many moments all at once and this is presented to an individual as the time concept of the past.

Why can’t we see what we by convention term the future? Simply put it’s because we only directly experience one fleeting moment at a time. We live in the moment and then another without realizing it as a direct human experience. We experience a part of the whole.

To see the future and the past is to look down on an infinite number of moments all at once. When we do we will know that we are part of a bigger picture with no forward arrow of time. These seemingly endless moments that coalesce could be just a single cosmic beat, one chime or one universal vibration. To know and experience moment coalescence is to experience infinity.

Sadly some of us don’t even completely experience the fleeting moment in all its wonder. We travel through life encased in our own egotistic minds narrating our own version of reality without being mindfully aware of the potential in each moment.

Time as we perceive it is fleeting, moving forward from one moment to the next and there’s the possibility that all moments are caste solid. We may live in a deterministic realm that by its very complexity and our lack of perception we cannot know in unity.

Can we know the future and the past as one consolidated experience or as one picture of reality? Is this one infinite coalesced moment what the Buddhist would term enlightenment, Nirvana, or the island which can’t be traveled beyond and ultimately the place of no suffering? Is moment coalescence and this one view on reality the ultimate Jewel to be held I wonder.

If you have experienced moment coalescence what’s it like?