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Closed Mind1

No more is the opportunity so great to encase the mind so completely in the dehumanizing constraints of religious dogma than when the mind is youthfully seeking, unforgivingly accepting and unguarded to the evils of the world. The young mind is malleable and sadly open to be locked into a life of religious serfdom. Capture the youth and you have captured the man (or woman). This is where the real fight is on the battlefield for the fertile minds of the young.

As occasion would have it I had an opportunity to witness first-hand the power of the religious grip on the mind of a young man.

Let me first set the scene. So there we were Wisdom child and I enjoying the delights of each other’s company this Sunday morning in a coffee shop. She reading a book that I had just bought her and me enjoying the read of a topical magazine. My focus was initially split between my own endeavour of gaining insights into the burning issues of the day and also trying to keep her book away from the potential spoiling effects of a chocolate muffin. She was exerting much effort to not only reading the book but also attempting to get as much chocolate on that book as was possible. Happily I won that battle and the book was saved…

Now the young couple on the table directly in front of us were having a loud and to me interesting debate about religion and the role that it should play in shaping contended regions of the world. It was hard not to overhear as these warriors of thought were having a loudly argued, but friendly discussion.

The young man was strongly suggesting that his Christian message was the exulted and obvious salvation for the masses. As a proselyte for Christianity he was unforgiving in his worded determination to forcefully interfere in all regions of the world.   Her message was that meddling in the self-determination of any region was a recipe for more confusion and bloodshed. Her contention was, why displace one religious dogma for another, as in the final analyses they were both limiting the human spirit in terms of freedom of expression.

She talked in an open minded way with recourse to obvious common sense and structured logical argument. His approach was to rely heavily on his own brand of religious dogma and to reel off biblical quote after quote.

Of course there was no way that her open minded, logically persuasive arguments were going to put even a dent in his sadly captured mind. His thoughts had arrived at an inescapable end game; confirmation bias was strongly at play and there was no persuading him away from his chosen path of pseudo righteousness. He was on a path to dominate the people of the world and she was on a path to unshackle the minds of people from the limiting message of the religious dogma being contended.

They looked like brother and sister and it appeared that she was genuinely attempting to save her brother from a life of closed minded serfdom to a religious ideal.

As we left I apologetically tap him on the shoulder and suggested that his young companion was talking an awful lot of sense and that he should listen to her. She smiled knowingly and he cordially said that she always appeared to win the arguments.  So even though he could see the logic of her position it seemed he still persisted whole heatedly in his own religious dogma. I guess that’s where he felt more at ease and shielded from the obvious traumas of the world.

She had the strength to think and own her thoughts and opinions. In my opinion, sadly he was weak of mind with his mind being firmly caste all too young into the mold of a religious zealot in the making.

It makes me more determined than ever to ensure that Wisdom child is well placed to enjoy the fruits of an open mind and not to be imprisoned in closed minded and self-limiting religious dogma.

I do so wish that young lady well and I hope that she can pries open that young man’s mind so as to let in even a small glimmer of self thought.

As a society we need to be ever diligent in our efforts to keep the youthful mind open to exploring the possibilities of the world. We need to tell a better story than those who’s only aim is to enslave the minds of our young.