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Natural theology suggests that a relationship with God is a deeply personal experience and introspective in its essence for the observer. This personal relationship with a ‘big’ other worldly being appears to be as changeable in character as the creative limits of each individual human mind. This God (or pantheon) of a personality it seems is in keeping with the spirit of the time or the caprice of the observer in its outward appearance. It can also be an expression of the prevailing transitory moral relativism of the day. God’s persona then appears to be directly related to the infinitude of the human imagination at any given point in time and is unique to each person. Depending on the observers mind set, life filters, agendas, wants and fears, therein is the becoming of a certain form of a God. My God is different to your God said the Christian to the Greek philosopher…

As change is a personal attribute of God then he / she is subject, by some definition, to an evolutionary process. This changing accommodation of views, opinions, attitudes and ultimately purported actions ascribed to God is presented as unknown or possibly unknowable to the human mind. Is the mind reacting to uncontrolled, unknown or unknowable conditions? Does the mind have a natural mechanism to control fear in particular by suppressing it in the unconscious or projecting it outwards? The conscious rational mind therefore creates the conditions where it does not need to deal directly with potential uncertainty or suffering.

Consider then for a moment that this character morphism of God is suggestive of an attendant evolutionary process, if not in form then in attitude and resultant action. Given the presence of a birth or becoming of an attitude then there’s an implication that God is subject to a process of change e.g. his / her mind is in a state of flux. It’s a leap I know but where there’s a change that change must come from a prior point. It must have had a birth which would in turn imply a creator. As God’s focus is humankind then it follows that man (women) is the progenitor of this evolutionary or change process. Is humankind the creator of God or at least an influencer of that evolutionary process?

Is God no more than an acknowledgement of the inevitable introspective journeying into our own closed off minds? Or is it maybe a therapeutic and very personal attempt at an annihilation of the uncertainly of human existence and attendant suffering.

Are we, or can we possibly be, just our own inward looking therapist as otherwise outwardly expressed in the notion of God? Does God exist substantive or in thought only? I’m open to the thoughts of others…