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Truth is a valuable commodity in this world more often owned outright by the strongest groups and most charismatic minds within any culture or society. Mined, refined and presented as gospel to the masses by the high victors, held aloft in inviolate contradiction to so called unaccepted verity.

It has a variability that is pinned to an age, a place, a civilisation, a time, a moment. With viscous certitude it changes in line with the intent of that human elitist cliché that nurtured its nascent life towards maturation and imposing testosterone driven energy. The acceptance of a truth becomes the rallying mantra and core raison d’être underpinning the very existence of societies. It can be expressed as a belief in God and also in this age in particular is balanced by another truth presented by the more sober practicalities of science as the ultimate expression of the truth of birth, death, suffering and an understanding of life. The journey in completely defining the singularity of a truth is invariably enshrined within a word; God, Science, totalitarianism, capitalism an ‘ism or an ‘ology. We are good at reductionist and convergent thoughts leading to a single word. No more questions please we have arrived at a knowing. Hail the truth! Worship at the altar of the single golden truth! Let’s slaughter each other, if the need arises, to maintain its ascendancy and its rightful place on that imposing throne overseeing life.

It galvanises and divides in equal measure and its tributaries have the potential to numb the minds of the faithful. They flock to the banner of the prevailing societal truth blind to its potential harm and human limiting outcomes.

Truth is the conformity with fact or reality, but who’s notion of reality. Our realities are as varied as the many stars in the night sky and facts are challenged endlessly by an onward journeying human mind.

Is the truth out there or is the truth a personal journey within. Is it a genuine knowing of oneself; a becoming, the understanding that truth is an illusion and questions lead to transiently lived answers. One question leads to another, an answer, a half answer, a truth to some and then another question.

Shall we move beyond truths and answers and flirt with the idea that there are only questions, a lifetime of questions. No sooner do we grasp at the fleeting impostor of an answer that it raises another subtler or fundamental question which in turn sends us on our endless questioning, spiraling journey in contained thought.

I am by nature a seeker full of that perpetual energy to find truth and meaning in all that I see and interact with. It is an onward journey to answer the infinite questions without ever seemingly arriving at a definitive answer. Maybe I should try not to seek, to grasp at the infinity of life’s mystery and sit for a while in the present and gaze at the absolute wonder of the universe and existence. If I do I will see no trending truths open to interpretation, no questions and no answers. The noise of life will subside.

Experience the moment, the very present, be present and observe the ever changing landscape of human thought and just accept reality as it is. Abide in now, in the present…