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Introducing Wisdom Child:

Wisdom Child

Settle down be still and listen, listen carefully to this story heard by a young girl called Wisdom Child who was an old soul to this world of much wisdom.

Wisdom Child wondered and thought hard when trying to make some sense of the adult world that she was being gently coaxed into. As a young girl with both beauty and a seeing mind she was all around enclosed by love, all lavished on her by her family. In turn she loved and every now and again she caught a glimpse of the distant world out there. A far away world not so full of love! There were places that were sad and populated with children who although loved by their parents and families where somehow different and in a place of despair. She saw them crying and this made her sad, very sad indeed.

She caught small glimpses of this other world through the mirror of the TV screen which was one of her many life teachers. It showed her a world full of fascinating peoples and the ways they lived their lives. She noticed boundless mysteries, begging to be understood and it also showed her glimpses of places that were very interesting indeed to little Wisdom Child. This world was both a place of wonder and mystery. But if she thought hard, very hard, little by little the world of the adults came into clearer view and the mystery grew a little less. She often found a very precious thing ‘understanding’, or so she thought, and was able to see the happenings of the adult world with an inward eye of childlike wisdom.

Becoming aware of the mysterious world of the adults she felt the greatest need to share with all those small people that she called her friends those small seeds of understanding. So she sat down to write this story, that she had heard, in the hope that others of her age would understand in some small way the very confusing ways of the adults.

One wondered where she received all her wisdom and understanding from…

Dog: Journeying to the Lion’s Den:

Now “Dog” was Wisdom Childs cuddly companion and both had been on many exiting journeys of growth over the past six years in particular. Dog had once been full of stuffing but latterly had been showing the signs of his many experiences and adventures. He was growing old, but with age came those precious prizes of wisdom and deep insight.

By night Dog, being Wisdom Childs favourite cuddle companion, was King of the toys and in turn surrounded himself with his entourage. Now Dog, for that was simply his name, started to tell his subjects this particular night a story of a distant land and the people that once lived there. This he said was a land where the sun shone bright and there was natural abundance. This was a place of milk and honey so it was said by all who knew and told of this place at that distant time. It had even been at one time very close indeed to the fabled Garden of Eden no less.

It was night in Wisdom Childs house and all was quiet, her parents, brothers and sisters were all fast asleep. Do you think Wisdom Child was listening to this history and wasn’t asleep after all?

Dog started to talk again with a stately quality borne from many years of leading his band of cuddly companions. He went on thus.

In this distance land dwelt a people who like many in that age saw the world through the eyes of fear. They just could not understand the noise the world made. It was really out of control in their minds, ungraspable and really did frighten them very much. They did try hard to hold it in their minds but alas the mayhem was too powerful a foe to master.

These people were young in the age of humankind and so it’s understandable that in that time they created a story in order to make some sense of the world around them. You see they didn’t possess the knowledge and understanding that some of us have come to take for granted in these days.

They imagined an invisible father, an almighty giant of a being who was looking over them in order to keep them safe. He was all seeing this father in the clouds and was also very powerful. There was just one rule and that was they had to worship the invisible father in order to keep his grace. Woo betide anyone who ever upset him for he would rain down on them untold destruction and mayhem.

But how did they know that he existed at all? Well crowds follow too readily and would rather die than think unfortunately.

This last statement sets the scene for there were intelligent men amongst this band of people who professed to be able to speak to the almighty cloud father. To name just a few of these tribal leaders there were characters such as Abraham, Moses and Joshua. These were masters of men and holders of minds. In order to lead and conquer minds they professed to talk directly to this unseen mysterious almighty cloud father who was full of wrath and by today’s civil standards showed little humane gentleness or grace. Just believe! They said to the crowds for he has a way that you can’t possibly understand. So don’t try, just have faith and believe without question.

Now through the ages they constructed a myth, by imaging a deal being struck between themselves and this cloud father which they called a covenant. It was an agreement of sorts and if they worshiped the invisible almighty father then they in turn would be granted a promised land and be forever looked after by him. This Promised Land would be that fabled land of milk and honey.

Now at a point in this long history the Israelites, as they were known, lived in a land under the dominion of a tyrant king in a place called Egypt. Moses who was favoured by the king of the Egyptians sought to lead his companions the Israelites away from the heavy work burden and the very poor working conditions that prevailed at that time in the land of Egypt. He was a radical, a revolutionary and a man who could imagine the big picture. Through the devices of magic and persuasion under the leadership of Moses the Israelites cast off those chains of tyranny and injustice that shackled them to the dastardly king. Moses the leader of men and minds lead his people the Israelites on a long, long walkabout out of Egypt and into the uncertain wilderness of the Sinai desert. Exactly how they survived in the harshness of the desert conditions is not known.

They became for many years a wandering people in the desert until they eventually came to the land of Canaan where there lived other people. By force of arms the Israelites under the leadership of Joshua took this land for their own and settle in their new kingdom. They had kept the faith with their imagined cloud father so in their minds this was a just reward or so their minds conjured. They had a grip on their kingdom!

Well things never remain the same as the world and all that surrounds us is forever changing. You see, Dog said to his troupe of attentive, if not rather sleepy cuddly toys, we all feel real pain and suffering when we try desperately to keep things as they are. But this moment never lasts and the arrow of time fires in the only direction that it naturally can and that is forwards. Things change continuously in such a natural way.

People grasp at things rather than holding them gently and observing there passing. The only thing that remains unchanged is the idea of change itself. And so it was that others in time took the reins of leadership from Joshua.

Dog cleared his throat and took a glance at Wisdom Child who he was sure was listening intently and started again to tell more of this story.

Now there was a brief time under the rule of Kings Solomon and David where the Israelites had full dominion over this land but as I said nothing lasts. Grab hold of something too tightly and you are very likely to break the very thing that you love and treasure the most.

The world stumbled on through the lows of war, bleak dark time of famine and on to the liberating heights of technical progress. Through this period the Israelites became a nation without a land because as sure as day follows night they lost their cherished land to others who were stronger in the playground of life and had a bigger life stick. Through all this the Jews endured and held fast to their central belief that they were the chosen people and kept faith in their almighty father. This faith both bound them together and at some level also set them apart from other people in the world. They wandered throughout the world with an identity that was born many years previous as they travelled on through the ages as the twelve wandering tribes of Israel.

They were accepted into the lands of others such as England, America and were rejected in other lands such as Germany and Austria. Over this period like others in these times they endured many horrors and hardships at the hands of the rulers of these other kingdoms. But they kept their faith in their cloud father and they hoped that one day they would again return to the land of milk and honey.

Well their chance was to come as a great war began and the British in particular who were big on the world stage needed to win the war. In doing so they made promises to the Jews, the French and the Arabs by promising them all the same parcel of land that had once been the promised land of the fabled Israelites.

After the war was won the League of Nations gave control over large tracks of land to the French and the British in particular so they could manage them in the best interests of the people that then lived there. But guess what said Dog, No one really talked to the Palestinians who lived there and their voice was not heard above a whisper and finally a whimper as they lost their land.

It came to pass some time before that this land had been under the rule of the Turkish Ottoman Empire and as such they had put in place land laws that favoured the rich merchants of that land. These merchants would hold ownership of the land farmed by the local people and protect them in turn from the Turkish rulers in faraway Turkey. Of course after the Great War, the first one that is, there was an opportunity to be had and so those greedy rich merchants sold the land from under the local farmers much to their horror and ultimate demise. The people who bought all the land that was up for sale were none other than the Israelites or Jews who still had a hankering for that land morally owned at this time by others.

They started arriving like single drops of water that flow into a mighty sea and in time those drops became a mighty ocean of Jewish people who turned up in what was then called Palestine. The Palestinians for their part had no real say in the matter because by so called legal means their land was unceremoniously wrestled away from their light grasp.

So it was that the Jews once more, having declared Israel and not Palestine, a nation state came to own the land of milk and honey once more. As for the Palestinians, well they not surprisingly felt as if they had been swindled from the land that they farmed.

And so it came to pass that the Jews had their land once more. But this time they found themselves surrounded by many angry Palestinians and the Arab nations as they had effectively stolen it off the Palestinians!

Dog took a deep breath and exclaimed to all who had listened so intently. There we have it then, they took a walk on the outside all the way through history up to this time of ours. They got their prize and what a prize! Or was it, for a wise person once said that there are only two disappointments in life not getting what you want and also getting what you want.

At this he could see from the tired looks on the faces of his audience that they also understood but were all rather tired out. He promised to hold their gaze and ear more very soon with another story that has perplexed humankind.

Wisdom Child in the meantime had heard all that had been said and her mind was wildly placing all the pieces together into one whole picture. She had questions that she wanted to ask but alas she was meant to be asleep and hopefully Dog hadn’t noticed that she was awake and had listened intently.

The Big Picture:

She lay there with her eyes closed with the story rolling around in her mind’s eye. Thinking this and that she was beginning to see the picture as it was in a very simple way. The trouble with adults she thought is that they have a tremendous habit of making the simplest of situations seem more complicated than they really need to be. It was the adult way so it seemed.

In her mind she had been told from a very early age that “sharing is caring” and also “not to take what is not yours”. Hadn’t the story told of a group of people who had just taken something that was not originally theirs? But she knew that this was the way of adult leadership and the Jews for their part were just acting out what comes all too naturally to other cultures and nations.

But then she remembered that adults often say one thing and then did totally the opposite. She also noted that nations do conquer other nations and just take. This holding something this grasping always caused bad karma. The person or people that did the taking then had to exert so much effort in the process of keeping a firm grip on what they have taken.

All she could think was how narrow minded the leaders of adults were. But all said and done all the people in the story were living creature and we are all in some way connected and they deserved her understanding and compassion.

She resolved to think some more on the subject and to tell this story to her little friends when next she saw them. You never know her generation may well become enlightening.

In the end all became victims.

As a wise person once said “The world is within…”

Moral of the Story:

Don’t sit in a Lion’s den and attempt to eat his dinner. If you do you may become dinner to the Lion…