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Imagine the scene Wisdom Child and Dad go out for a bonding experience one Saturday lunchtime to the local Starbucks for a coffee and a Fruit Shoot. Having paid for the drinks and settled down in prime position Wisdom Child gets bored and we agree to play one of her favorite games the ‘Colour Game’. The idea, from what I can make out from how she describes the rules, is that you point to an object and quietly in my case but at a bellow in Wisdom Child’s case, intone the colour of that object.

So I chose the colour red and she chose the colour blue. So off went taking alternate turns at pointing at an object and saying the colour of the object in focus. All good so far. However there was bound to come a time when the colours needed to be changed in order to give the game some longevity and further interest. Well, she chose first and decided that her choice was going to be the colour grey. So onwards we proceeded and she went first and second and third and forth as it seems that the rules had changed along with the choice of colour.

The challenge is that as a four year old she is apt to drop some of the sounds within words and pronounce another similar word that she truly believes to be the same as the one in her head.  So rather than bellowing grey she started to shout GAY whilst at the same time pointing at men in particular who were attired in items of grey clothing.

Well I’m sure you can image the raised eyebrows from these men given that a little child was pointing at them and pronouncing on their sexual orientation and suggesting that they were Gay. Suffice to say Dad had to discretely bring the game to a natural conclusion by the parental device of deflection.

I sensed that being Gay even in these times is still too much a testosterone depletion for some men and that a persons sexual orientation hadn’t been fully excepted. Or was it the little girl pointing, rather than the words being used and therefore was it more a question of social etiquette.

So the word Gay which is either an expression of sexual orientation or ‘Good As You’ or ‘Green And Yellow’ or simply ‘Happy’ needs further assimilation into common social parlance.

Wisdom Child also has a challenge saying Draw as it sounds more like Door. As each opportunity to correct her speech presents itself it becomes an exercise in describing the object of that focus. That being the case her abstract concepts and the manner in which she describes then is being developed further. So maybe she will pronounce words more fully when she is more aware of their ideal form.