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“May you always see the lights of wisdom around you. But, maybe, dwell a while in the magic of existence and grow up when you are good and ready little Wisdom child”.

How grown up our children are these day. I wonder if there’s not too much hype and the truth is easier to discern even for fledgling little children?

We have a four-year old that is wise beyond her years and seems to be figuring out the truth of the Christmas myth earlier than her parents had expected.

The Wisdom child was getting dressed with Mum this morning and as always being a chatterbox was discussing the Christmas party soon to happen at pre-school. It went something like this:

Mum – “So Father Christmas is going to be at your party next week. Isn’t that exciting?”

A thoughtful knowing look from Wisdom child …

Wisdom child – “Are you sure Mum? I think its going to be a teacher dressed up.”

We tell ourselves that we create the magic of Christmas for our children. I wonder whether the children are creating the magic of Christmas for us?

I think that being a wise little madam and an old soul that she may play us along for a few years yet in order to reap the greatest returns on the present front. She may one day drop the bomb shell that Father Christmas is just a made up story…