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A promise is a promise …. and Dad said that he would watch over his little girl until she falls asleep.

Poor little darling is feeling a bit poorly and in need of some love and cuddles. So here I am either late at night or early on in the morning I know not which any more. We’ve watched the obligatory TV and had the hot cup of milk. She says that she’s tired but won’t give in. What a stubborn little Madam she is. That will stand her well in the right situation in later life.

What an opportunity for me to sit here and contemplate the sheer delight that this little bundle of joy has brought her parents. She has taught me in particular patience beyond any level that I thought possible. She makes me laugh and gives me hope for all things good in the world.

Sleep, who needs sleep when I can sit here and watch her caress her favourite cuddly tool whilst seeking that hard to win sleep. But sleep she will I’m sure. The only challenge is getting out of the room without waking her from that fretful slumber.

This scene is without doubt being played out in myriad other homes across the globe in a host of cultures. How similar we are as human parents and yet how different we try to convince ourselves we are.

She sleeps now and I muse that one day these wonderful moments will be hers when her child in turn stops the world for a few moments of parental wonderment and bliss.

Thank you wisdom child for stopping the world for just a short while. Sweet dreams little one…