“Wisdom is knowing that you don’t know”.

There’s a particular pastime in life where much effort is expended in order to cross a notional finishing line in order to grasp a prize. That pastime is the acquisition of knowledge. We toil at Schools and the University of life in order to grasp ‘knowledge’ so completely. We strive to pin down how exactly something works, what the patterns in understanding are that lead to a complete union with a particular concept. Rarely does any mortal soul come anywhere close to a vision of complete knowledge. As soon as we think we understand others have also toiled to move knowledge on and we need to strive harder to become one with a particular understanding once more.

Think of a piece of string. By a simple definition it has two ends and a middle and all would be grand if we left it at that. But then curiosity kicks in and we cut the piece of string in two. Then we have four ends and two middles. We carry on that process an infinite number of times until the complexity of the string situation compels us to define a theory of strings. So now we have the strings in their abundance and a theory to make some order out of the string chaos that we or reality have created.

Then we get to the point where it becomes so complex that we can’t possible fathom the start or the end of the knowledge. For our very sanity we need a point of inflection where we can spring off to another plane of understanding. At that point our mind kicks in and acknowledges what we can not possibly understand and we create the terms Metaphysics or Religion. There must be a higher order here that has an order of reasoning that we could not and should not seek to understand. We have defined our limits of knowledge and understanding whilst placing the rest into the realm of the supernatural.

You see our own mind has created the complexity of thought and we have inadvertently become part of the challenge. We’ve created a theory, a religion, a science and a host of iconography out of the human intellect.

Why not just be present in the moment and receive the order of life as it unfolds. Life and knowledge is ultimately undefinable. You think that you have got hold of it and it marches on up the road out of sight. We grasp so completely to the notion that we will understand. Even past experience contrives to add a false sense of knowing. We look through the filter of our past experiences and form our opinions. Those opinions then become belief and our knowledge of reality. Why not accept the now and let tomorrow come when it is good and ready. Appreciate the present and life will teach you what you need to learn and what knowledge is worth knowing.