I find myself this lunchtime sitting in a coffee shop (as is the case all to often these days as our bank balance will attest) witnessing an elderly lady outside having what appears to be chest pains. She is sitting down being propped up against the knees of who I take to be her husband. The pain on her face is matched only by the pain and anguish on the face of her husband.

What is interesting is the reaction of others as they pass this scene of the lady laying on the pavement in obvious distress. As you would expect I suppose people are essentially caught up in their own lives. Some march by munching on their lunch without even a glance at the poor lady on the floor. Others show a passing inquisitiveness that’s the ‘rubber neck’ version of what you would see after a crash on a motorway. Others pass by laughing at that which held their immediate attention before coming onto this scene. These people so wrapped up in their own enclosed reality have missed the event completely.

One thoughtful lady had stopped to provide some assistance and given her demeanour has called an ambulance. I could see the frustration on her face as she was battling with the operator on the end of he phone in an attempt to get them to send out some assistance.

Life goes on as people mill about with their daily endeavours largely unaware, uninterested or uninvolved in the drama that is unfolding for this lady and her husband.

The paramedics have arrived and the lady now has the best of possible care opportunities. I truly hope that all ends well.

Life moves on in my reality never to repeat itself and I too have to leave these events and return to my own inconspicuous existence. Note to self “Life is impermanent … cherish each moment that I spend with my own soulmate my wife”.