‘Thinking’ which is psychologically a difficult past time for us humans can be the essence and catalyst for change. Sometimes it enhances the human condition and on other occasions acts to enslave the human spirit.

I’m no psychologist but it seems that a large parts of the media in particular is setup to deaden the process of thinking. Is this good? For some who subscribe to a comfort orientated laziness this constitutes personal happiness which as far as it goes is all well and good for that individual. It does however act to hold innovation and positive change in general in check.

Lateral thinking in particular is rare in society and often there’s too much of a readiness to just accept information that reinforces ones own narrative of the world. It’s all too easy to subscribe to an ‘ism’ or a particular world view and to see that as ones only reality. We are quite good at categorising ourselves as parents, managers, sons, daughters and a whole tranche of ‘discontinuous’ labels without fully appreciating that we live a very blended existence. Each of us is different and each in turn is unique in the filter that we apply to the world in order to construct our realities.

So why not encourage mental agility and positive mind changing. To change ones mind is a measure of an individuals cognitive strength and certainly not a weakness. Surely it’s a good quality to have opinions within the context of the most up to date and enlightened information? That is the scientific method and unfortunately is not politics. No wonder then that science and technology are growing in line with ‘Moores law’ and politics is entrench in the same mire of self serving ideologies.