Firstly ‘Welcome to my Blog one and all’ ….

I chose ‘Context Related’ as a Blog name for two reasons the first of which is quite mundane which is that as the Internet has grown all the good names have been snapped up. That puts me in mind of the much suggested democratic nature of the Internet. Whilst this is indeed true in many ways it does seem that the big fish are over fishing a bit and the rest are left with the commercial scrapes. But then that is a trait of human nature that all too often comes to the fore and if left unchecked, at it’s most extreme, leads to revolution in the minds of humankind and ultimately the structure of things change.

The second reason why ‘Context Related’ was chosen is that it’s the best play on words that I could find that centred on my own life as the ‘Context’ and also ‘Related’ to myself. In other words these are my thoughts or a expression of ideas that I have come across that I have found in some way personally inspiring and may likewise be viewed as a benefit to others.

My view is that your own thoughts should be allowed to grow and that by gentle nurturing will lead to a net gain in knowledge and understanding. This in turn will lead hopefully to a reduction in ignorance and also alleviate personal fear.

There is an aim here to remain open minded and not to grab hold of doctrine . Rather I will strive to take a consumerist view in respect of ideas and knowledge and to validate it through the filter of my own life experiences.

Kind regards